BOOK REVIEW: The Slice of No.1 Celebration Storybook: Fifteen Years with Mma Ramotswe (Publisher: Abacus 2013)



To celebrate 15 years with Mma Ramotswe, Alexander McCall Smith releases another brilliant book from the well loved No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series.

In this latest offering are two very short yet sweet stories full of the usual ingredients of craziness and humour which leave readers begging for more.

McCall Smith is such a talented and clever writer; the depth of humour in his characters along with the richly beautiful descriptions of the natural Botswana landscape and nature have you hooked.

In the first story Mma Ramotswe is invited along to speak at a conference for women based on the theme of The Problem of Men, her slanging match with the conference organiser over the title of the talk is rather amusing.

The other story, The Shape of Ladies is, as you probably guessed from the title, about Mma Ramotswe’s attempts to lose weight all the while being put under the most severest of temptations by her sidekick, the ever dependable Mma Makutsi, who wickedly turns up to work with a packet of doughnuts in hand.

This book, like the BBC series starring Neo-Soul Grammy Award winning artist, Jill Scott as the Ladies Detective, is laugh out loud funny and a pleasure to read.

© Copyright 2014, Darell J Philip

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