Ghost writers


Like children we’re seen but not heard
Some view our job as completely absurd
We write your stories
You accept the credit
From you we take a handsome debit
Lauded an international best-seller
Masqueraded as a great story teller
Bringing out the best of you
Is all we really want to do
We make you better than what you are
Not living the life of a superstar
Behind the scenes is all we know
The words they read are ours to show
We have no other desire or stake to fame
Than to see you bow as they shout your name
They may not know who we are
But without us there’d be no superstar
Like your world we have competition
Each in pursuit of best-selling recognition
When you make it to the very top
We continue working and never stop
Although your success may not last forever
To us you return for we’re creatively clever

© Copyright 2014, Darell J Philip