BOOK REVIEW: I am the Secret Footballer by Anonymous Footballer (Published by: Guardian Books 2013)



Have you ever wondered what really goes on inside the changing room of your favourite football club? Do players and managers alike really not take any notice of what’s written about them in the newspapers? Is the life of a footballer as glamorous as it all seems? If any of these questions have crossed your mind begging to be answered then look no further than this book authored by an anonymous footballer!

The player describes what its like to play in the English Premier League against some of the biggest sides in world football including Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United. Over the years the player has contended on the pitch with great legends in the game such as Didier Drogba, Thierry Henry and more recently Liverpool’s Luis Suarez.

Some interesting insights are given on the players’ relationships with managers, agents, the media (with whom he now works) and the fans. The player also gives his view on how glamorous the sport truly is.

There’s an engrossing section on the money involved in the sport while elsewhere the player gives a rather honest and frank account of battling depression.

Equally captivating are the players’ thoughts on the infamous race row between former England Captain John Terry and Anton Ferdinand all of which make for sensational and addictive reading!

© Copyright 2014, Darell J Philip

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