Windows opened

Mum and I screaming at the top of our…

You know, that organ which

Mr Corona makes the point of his attack

Our voices in unison with the carnival of faces

Hand clapping together among our block

For those brave frontliners 

Robed in white and blue

Their lives risking for Queen and Country

For me and you
A sign in a window reads

Hang in there Hackney

Locked down, stuck in isolation

Longing to be free

Hooting and beeping cars drive by
An outpouring of love filling the illuminous sky

Dethroning Mr Corona from his royal seat

His nasty legacy we will surely defeat
An unusual crescendo took place that night

The community together an awesome sight

It was to everyone’s most absolute delight

To see Mr Corona given a most chilling fright

For all the lives he’s cruelly taken away
For all those families we kneel and pray

Our frontline heroes – relics of the past

For you we clap knowing this too shall past
The morning after the night before

A bright smile beams across the sky

As a reminder of that glorious day soon to come

When from this earth with angel’s wings 

We take off and fly.

(C) Copyright 2020, Darell J Philip, Clap

16 thoughts on “CLAP

  1. Sam G

    What a beautiful story! It is wonderful and so well written. I love how you make the understanding of we as a nation are stronger than this virus and we shall beam back and destroy it’s memory so we can return to normality. Really well done, I loved it!

  2. In adversity, there is an invitation to appreciate the advantage. Where there is tradegy – there is triumph. Like ‘day and night’, ‘up and down’, ‘sweet and sour.’ Thanks for sharing your creativity and thoughts that highlight some paradoxs that many of us are stuggling to respect. ‘Clap -Clap!’

  3. Herminia

    Lovely, Lovely, words, Darell.

    Thanking God for your use of the gifts He’s placed in you; keeping giving, and bringing Him the glory. Matthew 5:16.

    Love, Auntie Min x

  4. Neil Watson

    I like how u fragment the verses of your poem form and content (isolation) in keeping – as is the surface level of your words a mixture of common parlance and higher register words in keeping with the notion of unity
    Some metonymy slightly thought-provoking
    But I like most of all how u personify the virus.


  5. Shirley Lendor- N’guessan

    Such a lovely flow of words to describe the effects of Covid 19 on all of us and thank you for your appreciation of frontline workers. As one myself, it is heartwarming to read words of hope
    Thanks Darell

    • Aww thanks so much for your comment Shirley! It means so much more coming from an actual frontline worker such as yourself. I greatly appreciate all that you have sacrificed and done in keeping all of us safe and well. I’m proud of you and thankful to God for your life and well being. 😀🙏💛👊🎉💟💯👍🙌

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