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Relatable Storyteller

When I came across a post by esteemed blogger Vincent Ehindero which encouraged bloggers to promote other bloggers on their site, I thought to myself, what a great idea! See Vincent’s post here for details: https://vincentehindero.wordpress.com/2020/06/19/important-announcement-❤%ef%b8%8f✅/
Vincent’s encouragement of us promoting younger aged bloggers as well as those who are new to the blogging community with a small amount of followers is something I endorse and am in agreement with.

If like me you love great story telling containing suspense and on edge of your seat cliff-hangers then look no further than KINYWA. The blogger behind the short stories on this new site is 21 year old Kenyan, Allen Mwema. Allen is a Communications undergraduate at the Multimedia University of Kenya which is located in the country’s capital of Nairobi. He is interested in telling social stories with a personal touch to resonate with people. He says: “Our everyday life and the predicaments of what we go through as we try to figure ourselves out feeds heavily into my writing. I like that we all go through the same things at different times and hence can relate.”

It is Allen’s hope in the near future to pursue screen writing and turn some of his written pieces into plays. He says: “My audience can look forward to experiencing feelings in an interactive way alongside the range of human emotions to be found within my stories.”

And if his introductory story – Technical Misdemeanor is anything to go by (check it out here: https://amshakinywa.wordpress.com/2020/06/11/technical-misdemeanor/) then we all will be in for a long-lasting treat!

Follow Allen’s exciting and relatable story telling blog here: https://amshakinywa.wordpress.com

Allen Mwema

© Copyright 2020, Darell J Philip

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