Today is Windrush Day! 72 years ago approximately 500 individuals from the Caribbean Islands travelled on board the SS Empire Windrush ship which docked at the Tilbury Docks in England on 22nd June 1948. They were invited by the British Government to assist in the rebuilding of the country after World War Two. They were told that they were coming to the “Motherland” – a place paved with streets of gold but upon arrival coldness in every sense of the word was felt whilst encountering signs in windows which told them “No Blacks, No Dogs and No Irish” were welcome. Yet inspite of such treatment they dug deep, worked hard and till today remain the ones you will see working in the essential front line services we often take for granted such as Bus Drivers, NHS Staff, Motor Mechanics and Support Staff in schools which play a huge part in keeping the country going. Below is a poem I have written in tribute to the Windrush Generation of which I proudly belong!


Plenty sun, sea and drum

Yes dog, yes Irish and Caucasian

Bodies ah move to Calypso beat

Sweat ah drip inna tropical heat 

Nah water or gas bill to pay

Politician ah lie dem still say

Coco, mango, sour sap, cane

Dew come after de latter rain

Sabbath or Sunday service ah bliss

Ah likkle prayer nah go amiss

Amen, Hallelujah de people say

To de preacher broken bread of day

Clear blue sky with cool fresh air

Smile pon faces everywhere

Island covered by sea and sand

Dis we call we Motherland

(C) Copyright 2020, Darell J Philip

45 thoughts on “MOTHERLAND

      • The totally tropical taste, haha! I used to be able to buy this in the south of Spain, but unfortunately it’s not available in Slovenia 😦 A quick fact check as I’m working on my award acceptance: you are an Arsenal fan, right?

      • πŸ€— We are an Arsenal family! My husband used to work there back when we lived in London. We went to many matches and saw them win the FA Cup 2015 – an amazing time and one big family!

      • You must have some amazing memories 😊. Also, if you fancy taking part in my poetry challenge, please join in! No pressure of course, it’s just a bit of fun and a way to connect with other poets!

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